Speedway Bike Setup Management!

Digital Logbook to record all your data:
- Bike Setups 
- Track Condtions and Bike Setups/ Changes
- Engine and Parts Service History 
- Career Statistics
+ Much More!

Do you Race Speedway bikes or Solos?

Want to get the WINNING edge over your competitors!

RACE TUNE is your own personalized digital logbook to record all your notes and information on your speedway career. This Software Database has been created by a speedway rider, for speedway riders! Your data is safe and secure and only you have access to it! I struggled to keep track of personalized setups for multiple bikes, engines/ parts service history and track setups. We used to record this information in a book, but now I have created a fully digital logbook that calculates data and does more than anything on the market!

FEATURES - All features are fully able to be customize by you and you can create new fields for the specific data you like to record. We have created automatic tracking & calculations of the service history and parts usage every time you record your races on each speedway bike.  

Stay TUNED for our Android and Apple APPS and Software Programs!‚Äč 
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* Patent Pending